Bad News for Console Gamers in the Upcoming Skyrim Remastered Edition

Bethesda Studios’ latest medieval open-world game, Skyrim, is going to have an HD remaster and it will be released a few months from now. The Skyrim Remastered edition will be available not only on the PC but also on the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 game consoles as well.

The gaming company teased us with the remastered edition back in the E3 2016 event. The graphics were overhauled and it was actually more spectacular than the original version.

But, just when people are so ecstatic about the upcoming remastered edition, a truth bomb was released and it is targeted for the console gamers.

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Bethesda’s vice president, Pete Hines, said briefly on Twitter that console gamers will not be able to transfer their saves to the new game.

You see, the original version of Skyrim was released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game consoles, which may have different save files than their next-generation counterparts.

This means that people who want to enjoy the remastered edition of the game on consoles will have to start over from scratch.

This can be bad news for people who have invested countless hours playing the original version of the game.

I mean, if you’re going to play the game from the start, it would take you countless hours just to get the best gear possible.

Now, this news might also affect PC gamers. Just weeks ago, Hines was asked a query about the PC version of the remastered Skyrim and he said that gamers “should” be able to port their saves on the HD remastered edition.

That statement is not reassuring at all as he said it with a qualifier. It is not definite, prompting players to hold off their gaming until Pete Hines would tell them that they are sure that players can port their save files from the old game into the newly remastered edition.

Now, could Bethesda be at fault here? Well, technically, no. You see, the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are entirely different consoles. This means that the technology used may not be similar to their new counterparts.

Furthermore, if they force the issue, people might get corrupted saves and it might destroy their gameplay experience if the saves do load.

But, it is really sad knowing that console gamers would have to go back to square one just to get back to where they were before they played the remastered edition.

This is bad news for console gamers and Pete Hines should give a more definitive statement for people who are using the PC version of the game.

Also, people might think that Bethesda is giving more love to the PC version as opposed to the game console versions since the company iterated that the owners of the PC version will get the remastered edition for free, granted that they bought all the prior DLCs before the release.

Still, since this game has a lot of fans, I don’t think this is a big of an issue. The biggest issue here is that console gamers will not be able to use their saves on the remastered edition. It is a sad truth that console gamers might have a hard time to fathom.