Top Reasons Why You Should Get an Original R4 3DS Card

The R4 3DS cards have been around for quite some time now, and they have risen to popularity ever since its inception. A lot of people are getting R4 3DS cards now because they’ve found out that they can play a lot of Homebrew applications as well emulators on their Nintendo 3DS gaming console.

Since its popularity, a lot of manufacturers out there have created their own set of R4 3DS cards such as the Gateway 3DS, AceCard3DS, just to name a few. The ones I’ve mentioned are original R4 3DS cards. Now, if there are original R4 3DS cards, there are also fake ones, or otherwise known as “clone” cards.

What are clone cards? Basically, they are just cheap versions of the original R4 cards, and they are very shady as well. Most of these clone cards have features that were written in broken English and the pricing is also a little bit sketchy.

So, what is the purpose of this article? Today, I am going to share with you the top reasons why should get an original R4 3DS card, and NOT the fake ones. Let’s start off with:

  1. Build Quality- Let’s face it, most, if not all fake products are made of poor quality materials. You know why they are cheap? That is because they are made of substandard materials. If you think that you saved a lot more money by buying these fake and cheap cards, you are wrong. Most of these clone cards are easily damaged, and cannot be used for a long time.
  2. Firmware Support- Original R4 3DS cards, such as the Gateway3DS, always make sure to keep their R4 cards up to date with the latest kernels and custom firmwares, so you can enjoy increased functionality right off the bat. Fake or clone cards do not have such support, and so, you are forced to download the necessary files from the internet before you can enjoy the set functionalities.
  3. Poor Packaging- All of the R4 3DS cards, real or fake, can only be bought online. This means that if you buy fake or clone R4 3DS cards, the cards will be damaged before it reaches you. I know that fake cards are cheap, but their quality and packaging is also cheap as well.
  4. No Customer Support- All of the fake R4 3DS cards don’t have customer support. What if you needed to ask something about the card? Sorry, you will not have the luxury of that since fake R4 3DS cards don’t have any support whatsoever.

The reasons I have shared about should be enough to persuade you never to buy fake or clone R4 3DS cards. I know that fake cards are way cheaper than the original, but I am telling you, it won’t last long anyway.

When you are buying the original, you not only get full support, but it also works right out of the box. So guys, be sure to buy only the original R4 3DS cards. Stay away from fake or clone R4 3DS cards like the plague.