Nintendo 3DS R4 Flashcards

Gaming hardware nowadays is very powerful. The Nintendo 3DS is one portable gaming device that is more than capable of delivering a great user experience. You can play 2D and 3D games with the device, but did you know that you can unlock additional functionalities for the said device?

Normally, you cannot install anything on your Nintendo 3DS. All that’s allowed for you to do is put on a game cartridge and play the game.

But now, those days are over, because you can now unlock new Nintendo 3DS potentialities with the use of the Nintendo 3DS R4 Flashcards.

Nintendo 3DS R4 Flashcards allows you to do a few things: save backups, install custom firmware, install and use homebrew applications, and play games! Those are the key features that an R4 Flashcard can bring to the end user.

Now, how was the 3DS R4 Flashcards born? Well, it was originally called the Nintendo DS R4 Flashcard, which was compatible for the original DS. Since then, they want to bring added functionalities to the Nintendo 3DS, that’s where the 3DS R4 cards were born.

Unfortunately, due to copyright concerns, Nintendo wants the original manufacturer of the R4 cards to be closed. Due to this, the original company is no longer producing R4 3ds cards.

Luckily, some companies took on that task and have continued to make their own version of the Nintendo 3DS R4 Flash card. So, basically, when you buy an R4 3DS card, you will be receiving a resold version or a clone of the original. Still, they are of good quality, provided that you bought your flash card from a prominent seller.

That being said, there are a number of R4 3DS cards available online, but as I’ve mentioned before, be careful where you buy your flashcards. One prominent seller of these R4 Flashcards is the R4 USA.

This seller has a lot of R4 cards for you to choose and some of them are even on sale! But, the one card that got my attention is the R4 3DS SDHC. As of this time of writing, this card costs at a sale price of $17.

What can you expect from this card and why it got my attention? Here is the list of features this card has:

  • Supports the latest N3DS console perfectly
  • Easy to understand interface, easy operation with drag and drop functionality
  • Supports Moonshell and other homebrew. Open I/O interface
  • WiFi programs supports, including rumble packs
  • Supports Fat16 or FAT32 format SD cards
  • Support real time skin/theme changes
  • Expandable memory up to 32GB
  • Support feature to memorize and restore gameplay after the machine has been reset or a had soft reset
  • Recognizes and displays varying SD card type properties such as type, volume and formatting
  • Power saving mode for longer standby time

There have been a lot of reviews for this card, and I am confident that this R4 3DS card will satisfy your Nintendo 3DS homebrew and Custom Firmware installation needs.