HCG dieting drops – do they work

Tips for HCG Drop Users

Tired of being unhealthy but can’t stop yourself from grabbing that snack within your reach? Had enough mornings feeling like the world is on your shoulders with the weight you are carrying? Weight issue is not merely a problem of appearance or self-esteem. It goes deeply into the health of a person, posing threat to his or her existence. It totally affects our whole life from the way we see ourselves in our daily routine. If you have excess pounds in your system, your activities are very limited that the world seems to narrow down every single day.

But I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of success stories about dieting. They are not all hoax. There are real people out there whose lives have been transformed by a combination of discipline and helpful products. After their transformation, they never went back to where they started. If ever you wondered, let me tell you, your story can be like theirs too. But you have to choose the right partners to get you there.

While some slimming solutions are all deceptive and overrated, one stands above all for having stood the test of time and for the benefits that this one alone can give. It is the HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops that can make you lose as much as 5 pounds a week! Does this sound too good to be true? Well, not really! In fact, America’s popular show, Dr. Oz, featured this weight loss solution and a lot of patients can testify to its effectiveness. If you do a simple Internet search, you will find the testimonials of these people and see them for yourself. One even confessed about losing 59 pounds in just three months! Now that’s life-changing.

Here are some tips to help you achieve fast and effective weight loss results with HCG drops:

  • Cut your calorie intake by half – When you take HCG drops, your hunger pangs will definitely be reduced. This means that you do not have to starve yourself because the HCG hormones will tell your brain that you are already full. But it is important to monitor your calorie intake and make sure that it is about 1000 calories if you’re a woman and about 1250 if you’re a man. Be conscious about the calorie content of the food that you’re eating.


  • Incorporate multivitamins into your diet. Since you will not feel hungry most of the time, take vitamins to supply your body with nutrients. Your goal is to cut pounds by eating less but you don’t want to remove essential vitamins and minerals from your body. Taking multivitamins will sustain your health condition when your food consumption is lowered.


  • Stay Happy. The HCG hormone is quite inversely proportional to the serotonin level of a human being. Studies show that serotonin or the happy hormones decrease when you go on a HCG diet. You might feel depressed, lonely or down. It’s best to understand that what happens in your brain while you’re on an HCG diet so you can control your emotions. Surround yourself with people, your loved ones and peers and ask them to back you up when you experience these effects. A serotonin-enhancing supplement may also help.